Coffee Table Books – How to Choose the Perfect Books to Create the Right Impression

Having chosen the perfect coffee table to complement your living space you need something to put on it. Many people find that they are overwhelmed by the huge variety of coffee table books. Given how expensive such books can be many people are also understandably nervous about making the right choice and selecting the right books for their home.

Coffee table books need to perform several functions. Firstly, they need to look good on your coffee table. For this reason they need to have a cover that is appealing to have on display. Although this will often mean a book with beautiful photographs and images on the cover, something striking and monochromatic can look just as good.

Secondly, they need to say something about you and your home. For this reason the books that you choose should reflect something of yourself. This may be a particular interest that you have such as fashion, interiors, cars, or could even be a book about the area in which you live or the area where you grew up.

Travel books that have beautiful photographs of a place that you have visited can also be a great choice as they can provide a great conversation starter for when you have visitors that you do not know well.

Thirdly, the books that you select need to actually be interesting for your guests to look at. Often when we have guests in our home we need to step out of the living area for a few moments to prepare food or to take an unexpected call. This is the time when many guests will reach for a coffee table book.

With coffee table books readers tend to dip in and out of the book rather than to sit down and read it cover to cover. You should bear this in mind when selecting your book. This means that pages should be easy to read independently; you should not need to read long sections of the book for it to make sense.

The book should also have a large number of images as this makes it an appealing prospect for a reader to flick through. Dense text is not attractive to a reader with only a short window of time, whereas images naturally lend themselves to this kind of reading. This is particularly the case with travel books or other books with stunning photographs such as fashion photography.

When selecting your coffee table books bear in mind that your guests may not have the same interests as yourself. Therefore select a combination of books that means that it is likely that there will be something appealing to everybody. If your selection contains only fashion books it is likely that some of your guests will find little to look at whereas if your choices include topics such as travel and books about your local area most people will be able to find something in them that they can enjoy.

The most important thing to remember when buying coffee table books is that they should be bought for yourself as well as for your guests. Therefore choose books that you too will enjoy as much as your guests will. If you choose a book with images that you yourself love you may look at them for years to come.